Saturday, April 20, 2013

Excerpt of the week

All right, here's this week's excerpt!

-The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain: Chapter 1

"'Say, if you give me much more of your sass I'll take and bounce a rock off'n your head.'
'Oh, of course you will.'
'Well I will.''Well why don't you do it then? What do you keep saying you will for? Why don't you do it? It's because you're afraid.
'I ain't afraid.'
'You are.'
Another pause, and more eyeing and sidling around each other. Presently they were shoulder to shoulder   Tom said:
'Get away from here!'
'Go away yourself!'
'I won't.'
'I won't either.'
So they stood, each with a foot placed at an angle as a brace, and both shoving with might and main, and glowering at each other with hate. But neither could get an advantage. After struggling till both were hot and flushed, each relaxed his strain with watchful caution, and Tom said:
'You're a coward and a pup. I'll tell my big brother on you, and he can thrash you with his little finger, and I'll make him do it, too.'
'What do I care for your big brother? I've got a brother that's bigger than he is - and what's more, he can throw him over that fence, too.' (Both brothers were imaginary.)

If you don't read anything else from Tom Sawyer, read the first two chapters, so funny!

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