Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Update: The Weird Sleepingwalking Tale

Hi all,  I tried to post this on Sunday, but we left the hotel (and therefore wifi) too quickly. We've left Yosemite now, and are on our way to see the Redwoods. Yosemite was AMAZING!!!! I will post photos next week.

Anyway, this is something that happened Saturday night at a hotel:

First off, I have to explain our sleeping situation from one side of the room to the other (we were all lined up): me in a sleeping bag on an air mattress, Joe (my youngest brother) on the same, Will and then Thomas sharing a bed, and our mom then our dad sharing another bed.

Now for the story:  I woke up at what we suppose was about midnight, because someone was walking around on my air mattress. At first I supposed someone was walking to the bathroom, cause my mattress rather blocked the pathway, however, when the bouncing didn't stop, I got rather annoyed (slow to anger was never my strong suit).  Still half-asleep, I realized it was Joe, and asked him what he was doing; whatever his answer was, it didn't make any sense.  I then proceeded to yell at him in a whisper, telling him to stop doing whatever he was doing and go to bed! According to my mom, I was pretty crazy, haha.  Falling asleep, I was again awoken, this time by someone fiddling with my feet! Once more, I asked him what he was doing, and he indignantly said he was "trying to make something!"  I stared at him, grew angry once more, then thought that maybe he was trying to fix my sleeping bag or something (why? I don't have a clue). So I told that he didn't need to, and to go back to bed (I immediately thought of James and Ethan).  Drifting off, I felt Joe tug on my sleeping bag, and informed him that it was mine, not his. "Oh" he said, and then proceeded to clamber underneath my bag, with me in it! On telling him what he was doing, he stared at me, then walked off. He crept up (like a T-rex) to where Thomas was sleeping, and my mom presented to him the age old inquiry, "what are you doing?"  "I was just doing stuff in my room," he answered calmly.  "Are you awake?" She asked. "I'm talking to you, aren't I?!"  He protested. It was at this point that I realized he was asleep, and not being weird. Mom said, "Do you know that your bed's on the floor?" "Yes!" "I'll show you where it is" "I already know!" (He said everything angrily). Mom then led him to his mattress, and began searching for his sleeping bag, which she found near my feet. When she told him to get in it, he said "I am in my sleeping bag!"  He was in his pillowcase!! Hahahahaha, I was laughing so hard! After she got him out of that, he started to snuggle down underneath his bag, so she asked him if he wanted to get in it. To this he again replied that he was in it, and immediately went to sleep!

That was quite an experience, I don't think I'll forget that in a hurry!

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