Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vacation Photos!

Hey All! We had an awesome vacation, and I've finally got all my pics uploaded to the computor!  Here are some of my favorites: (sorry about the long line, I tried to do it differently but Blogger has terrible photo problems)
Sunrise at our first campground

An awesome view on a strenuous hike 

The steps leading to the top of Vernal  Falls. The trail was soaking wet with spray from the waterfall and water was pouring down the steps! I felt like a hobbit traveling through Rivendell!

All the colors were truly this vibrant!

At the top of Vernal Falls

Nevada Falls

A little bird on the restroom sign. He just sat there, watching us and guarding his nest! 


The boys and Dad with a giant fallen Redwood

This path seemed like something out of a fairy tale

Joe's little friend :)

The reflection of the trees in the river at our last campground                                                   
The first seven are from Yosemite, and the rest are along the way or from the Redwood forest.  Note: None of these pictures have been edited. :)


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