Saturday, June 1, 2013

Great day

Well folks, I had a great day today! First off, I had my first Sound of Music rehearsal, and it was loooong! From 8 in the morning till 5! But it was fun; we sang, danced, and worked on some scenes. In case you didn't know, I'm playing Louisa in the Sound of Music this summer. Then I came home, had burgers and ice cream, and hung around outside. When Joe and I went outside, we saw the two year old neighbor girl, Kai, in her backyard, so we went to the other side of the yard to the hammock. We didn't want to play with her. Lying on the hammock, we saw that she was slyly climbing over the lower fence rail at the far end of the yard. We kept perfectly still, and noticed her looking about as if she didn't want to be caught. After her dad rode past her on his lawn mower, she started making her way toward us, in a very "sneaky" fashion. On reaching us, Mandie (our dog) started sniffing her, and frightened her a little, and then left. Kai then hid behind the tree we were facing (holding up the hammock) and peeked around it at us. We lay still and laughed quietly. She continued to peek at us, first from one side of the tree, then the other! It was hilarious! She seemed to be trying to decide whether it was really me (she adores me, but has mistaken Mom for me a couple times) and if we were asleep. She didn't quit until her mom called her, and still didn't leave until he mom threatened to do something (we couldn't hear her very well). We had a good laugh once she left. :D
Well, that was my fun day, and I did end up playing with Kai a little. I said "'ello poppet!" (In a mock Pirates of the Caribean accent) to her and she thought it was hilarious, and made me say it over and over!
Okay, that really is the end. :)

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