Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vote For Me!

Okay, okay, I know I haven't posted in a long time, but it goes without saying; so I'm not gonna say it. :)
Anyway, some of you may not know that in spite of my 16 years, I still like dolls. American Girl dolls, that is. Not playing with them (like making up stories that they act out) but I like to dress them, and do their hair, and most of all be creative with them (make up cool crafts for them, make up fun hairstyles, do pretty photoshoots, etc.). I also LOVE to sew!! Combining AG dolls and sewing is the best. :)
Recently, I entered two contests, one that combines dolls and sewing, and one with dolls and photography. Both of them are determined by voting! That's where you all come in. :) I would be super happy if you guys voted for me here and here! At the first link, you vote by commenting; and at the second link, you vote by poll.
Here are the links again:
Doll Wardrobe Fashion Design Challenge - The link takes you directly to my entry, #27, and you vote by commenting that you are voting.
American Girl Fan Summer Fun Photo Contest - The link takes you to a post with all of the entries, scroll to the bottom and click where directed to vote. My entry is #31.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Idlewild - Chapter Two

Here is the next part of my story! I decided to call it Idlewild. :)  Please tell me what you think!

They were in what appeared to be a sort of old fashioned garden surrounded on three sides by a high stone wall. The fourth side was a continuation of the garden, disappearing around a corner. the landscaping consisted mainly of small trees shaped like balls on sticks and rose bushes. In the middle of the space they were in was a fountain with a little stone faun playing upon pipes in the center. As Eliza leaned back to get a better view of the fountain, she put her hand on something. It was the book. 
"This is so weird" she murmured, more to herself than to Cass. 
"I wonder where we are?" she said aloud. 
"And how we got here, and why we're here, and what on earth is going on?" Cass added. 
Eliza stood up, brushing off her dress and fixing her hair, "I suppose the logical thing to do would be to get up and figure out where we are. This garden probably leads to a house, or a mansion by the looks of it." 
"I hope whoever lives here doesn't mind two strange girls popping up out if nowhere in his or her garden." commented Cass, a little drily. With that, the two girls were about to follow what seemed to be the only way out of the garden, Eliza still carrying the book, when suddenly they heard voices. Both girls froze. 
"They're headed our way!" hissed Cass
Desperately, Eliza looked at their surroundings, 
"There's no place to hide!" she whispered, fear creeping into her heart. 
Cass was obviously worried,
"Great, we're stuck in some random garden who-knows-where, with who-knows-who coming towards us, and who know what they're going to think, much less do, when they find us!"
"Stay calm, whatever happens God is with us." Eliza reminded her. Just then the voices became terrifyingly near, and the girls were able to distinguish two voices, each belonging to a young girl. 
"They're kids!" Cass breathed a sigh of relief. 
"Well, that's certainly not quite so frightening, but -"
Eliza's sentence was broken off by the entrance of two little girls who were obviously sisters. Both of them had soft brown hair and wore knee length dresses, ankle socks, and shiny Mary Janes. They easily could have passed for twins, the elder being only slightly taller than her sister. However, Cass immediately noticed that the littler girl had sharp green eyes, while the older girl's eyes were a sweet brown that matched her hair. They stared at each other in silence for some time. 
"What are you doing in my Papa's garden?" the younger one asked them in a clear little voice. Cass and Eliza looked at each other, then Eliza said,
"We don't exactly know. You see, we're rather lost."
"Are you 'trangers?" the child queried. 
"Well...yes, we are."
"Oh, I'm not s'posed to talk to 'trangers" and with that she put her finger in her mouth and commenced staring at them once again. The elder one looked slightly uncomfortable, but remained silent. 
"Could, could you maybe show us the way out?" Cass faltered. 
The little girls looked at each other, then the older one replied,
"We have to ask our Father first; he's in his study."
Eliza glanced at Cass, sighed, and said,
"Alright, take us to him. I'm Eliza, and this is Cass, by the way."
At this, the smaller girl, who had been staring them down in silence, took her finger out of her mouth and said,
"I'm Nora; very nice to meet you!"
"I'm Alice," stated the elder girl. "And I'm seven; Nora is four."
"We're both thirteen; and it's nice to meet you, too. May we please leave now?" asked Eliza, while wondering what Alice and Nora's father would say.  
"Yes, follow me." Alice took Nora's hand, and led them out around the corner, past more shaped trees, fountains, and rose bushes, and then into the main backyard. They were facing the back of a Victorian style house. Eliza thought it was a comfortable sort of house, not so small that you feel claustrophobic, but at the same time not so big that you are overawed by it. Leading up to the back door were three stone steps; and stonework wrapped around the lower edge of the house, giving it a grand and sturdy feel. The windows had white muslin curtains in them, and white shutters outside of them. In one of the upstairs windows a cat washed behind her ears. 
"That's our kitty" Alice pointed out gravely. 
"Her name is Lovey tuz we love her sooo much!" Nora spread her arms out as if to show just how much they loved that kitty. Alice nodded her head in agreement. 
"Yes, and this is our house. Oh Nora, let's see if we can get in without Marie noticing us!"
Nora giggled, but Cass and Eliza looked worried. 
"Who is Marie?" Cass asked, trying to hide her uncertainty. 
"See's the maid!" burst Nora "we always try to sneak in wifout her knowing, but sometimes she catches us!" She jumped about gleefully. 
"Alright, let's be as sneaky as possible" suggested Eliza, not wanting to frighten the maid and only cause more questions to be asked. 
The little girls tiptoed up to the door, and motioned for the older girls to follow. 
"Here goes nothing!" Cass murmured to Eliza; and they prepared to enter the house. 

Day 11 - BroTP

What! I missed posting yesterday! I didn't even notice...I'm really frustrated right now, cause I have two dresses that I need to sew and send out today but my machine keeps breaking my thread and now that I oiled it it's getting oil on the thread. It stinks.
Anyway, from what I could figure out, this means favorite pair of friends: Frodo and Sam, Pippin and Merry, Legolas and Gimli, Gollum and Precious. No, no, that last one was a joke. Hehe. My preferred pair would have to be Frodo and Sam. They're just so awesome together!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 10 - OTP

I guess this means One True Pair, or in plain English: your favorite couple in the story. Let me name the couples: Aragorn and Arwen, Faramir and Eowyn, and Sam and Rosie.  Although Aragorn is my favorite character, my "OTP" is Faramir and Eowyn; maybe because they're more normal; maybe because they're both pretty cool; maybe because Eowyn isn't an elf. Not that I have anything against the elves, they're great; but I always thought the whole Aragorn Arwen thing was a little strange. Same and Rosie just aren't as prominent in my mind, so they're out. Therefore, with much too much said as usual, my fave couple is Faramir and Eowyn.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 9 - Favorite Hobbit

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was too busy cutting out fabric, having water balloon fights, and performing Sound of Music. :D
All four hobbits have their qualities: Frodo is persistent, Sam is loyal, Pippin is funny, and Merry...actually I don't really know about him. (Of course, they all have several qualities, but these are the ones that stand out)  I love to laugh, therefore, Pippin has always been one of my favorite characters overall. Not only is he funny, but he's also loyal to his friends, and tries to do what's right. I noticed that on the last post, both of the picture-thingies that I posted involved Pippin, but here some more:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 8 - Gondor or Rohan

Sadly, I actually had to look up Rohan, it's been so long. But, now I've got it down once more: Rohan is where Eowyn lives, Gondor is where Faramir lives.  I think I prefer Gondor. My memory of the setting is that it looked cooler than Rohan, there's just something about it that makes me like it better...and come on, Aragon's king there!
Here are some scenes from Gondor:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just A Beginning...

 I don't write very often, but ever since I was little I've thought it'd be awesome to be a writer. However, I always had a really hard time writing, so I never really thought I would. Also, it's easy for me to think of a beginning, but I have lots of trouble thinking of how to end stories. Anyway, a little while ago I saw this photo on Pinterest and was soon struck with story inspiration. I've been writing it for about a week (just a little at a time, when I have a few minutes) and I thought I'd share it with you all and see what you think.

"Excuse me, have any new books come in?"
The librarian lifted her gaze from the computer screen before her, revealing a young, but careworn, face. Her red hair was in a thick braid part-way down her back, ending in a mass of curls, and her hazel eyes looked kindly at Eliza as she replied,
"I believe we just got some in yesterday, but they haven't been sorted yet."
Seeing the girl's disappointed face, she added,
"However, you may look through them, if you'd like"
"Oh yes, please!"
Eliza smiled. She came here often, at least twice a week, to check for new books, and to peruse her old favorites. Called a bookworm by her friends, Eliza truly was just that; she had sailed on the Dawn Treader, fought alongside Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli, and laughed with Anne Shirley. There was no good imaginary world she had not gone to. 
"Here are the books"
The librarian walked over, carrying a large bin. 
"It's my belief that there is something worth searching for in here, if you only take the time to look. Have fun!"
The librarian turned to go. 
"Thank you, Miss -"
"Ray; Charlotte Ray. But all my friends call me Lottie"
Eliza stared in amazement as Lottie walked away, lost in a sea of thought; then jumped as a familiar voice startled her out of her reverie. 
"So, did you find anything you liked?"
Turning, Eliza saw a girl about her age with short blonde hair and glasses. She was wearing khaki shorts, an orange camp tee, and old flip flops. Slung around her neck was a large camera. The two friends had walked together to the library, one to read, the other to take photos. 
"Cass! You scared me!" 
Eliza said, brushing her long hair out of her eyes. 
"Lost in another world, again?" Cass laughed. 
"I suppose you could say that. Have you ever seen that librarian before?"
"Seeing as you're the one that comes every week it's rather silly to ask; but, no I haven't"
"Me neither. I think-" she paused, "I'm almost certain that when she turned away there was a slight twinkle in her eye; but I must have imagined it"
"Yeah, that does seem pretty unlikely. Anyway, did you find anything to read?"
Eliza glanced at the assortment of books beside her. 
"Not yet. These are books that just came in, and Lottie said I could look through them."
"Lottie?" Cass queried. 
"The librarian. Come to think of it, she also said something about a book worth searching for, or the like."
Cass flopped down beside Eliza, "Well, what are we waiting for? Lets find it!"
Eagerly, the two friends began pulling out books and glancing at the covers. While searching, Cass kept them lively with her sarcastic comments,
"'Six Proven Methods For Debugging Your Yard' ah, yes, that peaks my curiosity" more scrambled searching, then, "Oh, listen to this clever title! 'What You're Doing Wrong'" Cass assumed a dull, deep voice, "Number one, reading this book!" Smothering giggles, the girls continued their search, Cass soon becoming bored and began perusing a cookbook with more photos than recipes. 
"Cass, take a look at this!" 
"Mmhmm?" Cass murmured, fully immersed in a delicious recipe for a 'Out of This World Gooey Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting'. 
"I think I found it! The book that Lottie was talking about!"
Jolted back to reality, Cass immediately replied,
"Really? What's it called?"
Eliza said softly, with a sort of reverence that sent shivers down Cass' spine. On lifting the cover she added,
"It's full of some kind of dust! It must be very old."
"Wow." Breathed Cass. "I have an idea! Hold the book open in front of you, like that, and blow when I say to. I'm hoping that the dust will show up in the sunlight."
Eliza complied without a word. She was well accustomed to Cass' sudden bursts of photo inspiration.  
"How does this look?" Eliza queried, smoothing her hot pink dress over her crossed legs. 
"Perfect" Cass knelt down on one knee and lifted the camera to her face. "Are you ready?" 
Eliza nodded. 
"Alright, blow!"
As soon as Eliza commenced blowing, fine dust filled the general area, causing both girls to collapse in fits of sneezing that lasted several minutes.  On recovering her breath, Eliza looked up to see Cass staring at her with an expression that could only be described as a mixture of astonishment and fear. 
"Eliza, where are we?"
Eliza looked about herself; they were definitely no longer in the library. Whispering, she replied,
"I don't know"

So, what do you think? Please comment with your input! I hope to actually finish this story someday. :)

Day 7 - Favorite Antagonist

Who wrote this thing anyway? Okay, the antagonists are: Sauron, Saruman, Denethor, Wormtongue *shudder*, Gollum, and Shelob. Ugh. Wormtongue and Shelob are disgusting. Sauron, Saruman, and Denethor are desperately evil. That leaves only Gollum. Yeah, he's probably my fave; he does help Frodo!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


As made obvious by the title, I have more photos to share!

Hope you enjoyed!

Day 6 - Ugliest Orc

Seriously? I have to choose an ugliest orc?! The only one I can even remember specifically is that tall reddish one with the white hand right on his face. They're all disgusting!!!!! Blech! As I have to pick one, I pick that one.
Yeah, this one. He's nasty. (he's taking the child to Isengard!) lol

Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 5 - Scene That Makes You Laugh

Sorry this is a day late, I was busy working on this
Anyway, back to the topic at hand, Toastie Oaties! Just kidding, though probably only four of you will get that (Audrey, Will, Ben, and NarniaQAGuy). If you are not one of them and you got that, you are awesome!!!
Okay, okay, back to the real topic, scene that makes me laugh. Hmmm...probably when Merry and Pippin are sneaking around in that farmer's field (near the beginning) and they make a bunch of noise (or something like that, I can't really remember what they do, but it's funny!); or the scene where Pippin says "you need people of intelligence on this sort of mission...quest...thing" and Merry replies "Well that rules you out, Pip". Then there's the scene where Gimli can't see at the Battle of Helm's Deep, so Legolas says "would you like me to get you a box?", and then where the two of them are trying to kill the most orcs/bad guys. Yeah, those are all pretty funny. I'm seeing a trend here: the sad scenes are with Frodo and Sam, the funny scenes are with Merry and Pippin, and Legolas and Gimli. 
Here are some funnies:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 4 - Scene That Makes You Cry

I think I have several of these, all of them with Frodo and Sam; but the one that I can always remember is where Sam says, "I can't carry the it for you, but I can carry you!" and than he takes Frodo up on his back and carries him. Of course, all the scenes that make me cry are ones in which the characters are crying :P. Here are some scenes that make me cry (or want to):
When Sam finds Frodo after Shelob has conked him out

After the ring is destroyed
When Frodo leaves them all at the very end

Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 3 - Favorite Character

Well, this one's pretty easy; Aragorn. Yup, he's my favorite character (I have another, but there's a question that in this challenge that fits that one, so I'll save it for later). Why? Well, he's kind of the Jesus figure in the story, which automatically makes him awesome. He lives a normal life, going about quietly as "Strider", keeping evil at bay; he can heal Eowyn, Merry, and all those that are gravely wounded during the crazy battle at the end; and he's actually a king (or the king, I should say). Overall, he's pretty cool; and (in my opinion) he stands out among the all the other awesome characters.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 2 - Favorite Battle

Now I know it's been a long time since I read or watched LOTR, I can could only remember the Battle of Helm's Deep until I started talking to my dad. Now I remember more. I think my favorite would have to be the last battle, the one in which Eowyn kills the Nazgul and Aragorn comes with the ghost folk. It's so epic!!! Okay, I was a little overexcited there, but LOTR is very a emotional tale (as in it has a lot of emotions in it: excitement, fear, joy, sorrow, etc.). Anyway, that battle is so crazy! I love the part where Eowyn fights the Nazgul. Here are some things to make this post actually interesting:

I love Aragorn's face here. hahaha.

I wanted to find ones from the battle that I was talking about, but it's kinda hard and I'm not that patient....