Tuesday, July 9, 2013

LOTR 30 Day Challenge

I recently began following a blog called In The Words of Willow that's done by a girl named (what else) Willow! She likes to write and is crazy about LOTR and a buncha other stuff. Anyhoo, I saw she was doing this 30 Day Challenge thing and I thought, hey that looks fun (plus I'll actually have something to post on my blog!).  I'm not like one of those LOTR fans who knows all the details and backstories (I often have to ask Will what things are 'cause I can't remember...) but I'm gonna do it anway 'cause I enjoyed LOTR, a lot. Sorry about the lack of posts, but the only excuse I have is an old one, I'm busy. So, yeah. I'll probably start the challenge tomorrow.

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