Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sound of Music!!

Sound of Music opening night is this Friday!!! It has been so so so fun working with everyone for the past few weeks and now we finally get to perform! Last night we had a dress rehearsal that the families of the cast could come and watch; and take pictures! My mom seriously took over 400 photos and a lot of them turned out well, so I thought I'd share some with you. ('Cause I know ya'll are just dying to see a billion pictures of it lol)
Maria singing in the hills (it's an outdoor theater)

Meeting Maria (I'm the second oldest girl; brown hair; french braids)

Maria and Gretl

"You mean you don't know anything about being a governess?" (my line!)

16 going on 17 (blech!)

Running in 'cause we're scared of the thunderstorm

Favorite Things


"Ti, a drink with jam and bread!"

Angry Captain (he rips off my head-scarf here)

Singing with the Captain
Fun at the party!

Dancing with each other


Max makes us sing (Maria's gone)

"You're going to have a new mother!"

Singing sadly

Maria's back!

The wedding. (here I look like I did when I was 13 or 14)

The concert

So Long, Farewell

Climb Every Mountain
Hope you enjoyed them! I can't believe I'm actually in the Sound of Music; I mean, I'm doing all these dances and stuff that I've seen and wished I could do a billion times and now I'm the one doing them!! Anyway, you're probably tired of my rambling, so that's all!


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