Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 13 - Favorite Weapon

Either Sting (Frodo and Bilbo's sword) or Anduril (Aragorn's sword).  Besides, the only other weapons of note are Legolas' bow and arrows, Gimli's axe, and Gandalf's staff (or so I think). I mean, Sting glows when orcs are near, so of course that's awesome. But then Aragorn's sword has to do with the prophecy and all, so that's just as awesome, if not more!
Thanks for reading! (does anyone read my posts?)


  1. Christina!!! Yes, I do read your posts, but I seem to be rather busy and can't find the time to comment. well, anyway, my favorite weapon from LOTR is without doubt, Legolas' bow. <3

    xx Leslie

    1. Oh good! That's fine, I understand. I kinda regretted saying that afterwards because I was pretty sure that you and a few others read my posts.
      Yeah, bows are pretty epic. :)

  2. My favorite weapon would have to be Legolas's bow too. I just love archery! :) And yes, I do read your lovely posts. I love your blog! :)

    1. As I said above, bows are epic. There's just something so...enchanting about a bow!
      Oh, thank you so much! I love yours, too. :)


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