Monday, September 30, 2013

Liebster Award!

Liebster Award Rules:
Acknowledge the blog that nominated you (A Free Mind).
Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created.
List 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that deserve some recognition.
Post 11 questions for them to answer.
Notify them that they've been nominated.

l. Why is the sky blue?
Because it is pure, clean, and wondrous' deep. (I dunno, I just made that up on the spot)

ll. If you were suddenly attacked by seven green aliens in the middle of Sahara Dessert what weapon would you want most?
Hmm...probably the "noisy cricket" from Men In Black 

lll. If the book closest to you were real and you could eat chocolate all day without getting fat would you ride the Gigantic Squirrel?
Absolutely. (the book closest to me is my Spanish textbook lol)

lV. Do you like math? Why or why not?
Kind-of-not-really. I don't really care. I don't like it, but I don't not like it. 

V. Have you read The World of Pooh (unabridged) by A. A. Milne? 
Hmmm..nope. I have, however, read When We Were Very Young, Now We Are Six, Winnie The Pooh, and The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne. 

Vl. Who is one of your favorite authors?
Oh ho, you must be joking! One! Hah! Here are some: Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, L. M. Montgomery, and Baroness Emmuska Orczy. 

Vll. Favorite subject in school?
Literature. I love reading. But if you want me to pick a more "normal" subject, then I'd say Spanish.

Vlll. Are you home schooled? If you aren't, did you ever wish you were? And if you are, did you ever wish you weren't?
I was for the last ten years of my life, but this year I'm taking Running Start, the program for high-schoolers at our community college. I never wished that I wasn't homeschooled, I liked it a lot!

lX. Do you like old or more recent Disney movies? Why?
Having seen very few old Disney movies (we didn't watch Disney when I was young), I really have no opinion. However, I have enjoyed the ones I've seen. 

X.  How do you usually start conversations with strangers? - Do you have any tricks to keep the talking going?
Oh boy. Um...probably something like "Hi, I'm Christina! What's your name?" and then go on to find out what their interests are. 

Xl. If you had a horse (or if you do) what would you name it?
Errr..probably something kind of fancy and medieval or elvish. There's a good chance that I'd name it after a horse in Narnia or LOTR.

Who I nominate (I'll try not to nominate people who have already been nominated):
Em at According To Em
Kayla at Laugh an' Love
Leah Kathryn at Appasionata
Rachelle at Beloved Bluebird
Rachel at Confessions of a Daydreamer
Tangerine-Tane at Fifth Out of Ten
Hannah at In Neverland
Willow at In The Words of Willow
Grace at It's My Life
Kiri Liz at Lianne Taimenlore
Audrey at The Life and Times of Audrey K

My Questions:
1. Have you read Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery? Do you like it?
2. What is your current favorite song?
3. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be? Would it have any special skills? (talking, wisdom, etc.)
4. What are three blogs that you highly recommend?
5. What is your favorite thing to do at the beach?
6. What book character is most like you? (or you consider to be most like yourself)
7. What has been your biggest personal achievement? (got into a play, read the entire Bible, etc.)
8. What is one of your favorite Bible verses?
9. If you could experience one book (only one!) for real, which would it be? Would you go as one of the characters or as yourself?
10. What is your favorite thing to do in the kitchen?
11. Yes or no?

And that's all, folks! (high-five if you got that reference). (double high-five if you think you got that reference)
Christina :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

You Know Better

You Know Better - Mercyme


This song is such a good reminder for me.
I have always been a confident person, 
so it's often hard for me to not just make my own decisions.
I need to remember that God knows better, far better, than I do.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight"
                           Proverbs 3:5-6

Friday, September 27, 2013

Simply Surviving

   She walked the same route every day, keeping to herself and avoiding eye contact as she slipped through the busy city streets. Worrying was needless, for everyone around her was doing the same thing. Rarely did two pairs of eyes meet and two sets of lips murmur a meaningless greeting. Even if it did happen, no one else noticed. They were all too busy. They each had enough trouble of their own.

    Perhaps that was just the problem. Maybe if they shared their troubles, lifted their heads, slowed down and smiled a little; maybe everything would be a little easier; just maybe. But it was only a thought; and no one there would ever consider allowing their minds to wander so far from what was widely considered reality.

   They all simply continued on with their lives; though not truly simply, but complicated, twisted, messy things their lives were; but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered but that they survive; that they keep on trying to reach their dreams, to attain happiness, while ignoring those about them. Empty happiness: forever just beyond their grasp; a happiness that included no one but themselves.

   It had always been this way, and probably always would be. Everyone else accepted it, why shouldn't she?  Even so, she wondered.

~ a melancholy bit written by Christina a month ago

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pinterest Post - Laughter

I've been doing a lot of "my life" posts lately, so I figured ya'll could use a laugh :D

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


In honor of having reached 25 27 followers (I know this was a while back, but, y'know...) I'm going to do one of those list thingies where you say their name and link to their blog (if they have one).

Ben C
and one invisible follower

Thank you everyone for following and commenting and everything! 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hello people!
It's so cool to have all of you followers. :)

My first two days of college went pretty well. I got 100% on my first English assignment, so that's good.
We haven't had to turn anything in for Pre-cal yet. Or for Spanish. 

Yesterday something crazy happened. When I got to the college, all of the parking lots were full, so I drove around, looking for a spot, but I was running out of time. Then I saw a car parked along the street and thought "I could do that" so I did. When I came back there was a ticket on my windshield. It turns out I had parked in the bike lane and was fined $124. Ugh.

 But! Today we got a call from my summer employer who said that I never deposited one of my checks. Guess how much the check was for. Guess. 
Okay, it was $125.'s as if I never had to pay anything!!

Oh, here's a picture of me the first day of college with one capri leg higher than the other 'cause I rolled them up so they're kinda snug. Yep, that's me; awkwardly holding my heavy backpack in one hand. :)
 This was just before I tried to get out of the driveway, heard the car making weird noises (it's the stick-shift, so I'm not used to it), stopped it, and then couldn't start it again. Talk about a lousy start. (see what I did there?) My mom got it to work with her "mom magic" that somehow all moms have for finding things and getting things to work. 

RANDOM: I'm kinda excited 'cause I just found out that LST is doing Fiddler on The Roof next summer!! That would be an awesome musical to be in! I'd love to be one of the girls, but I musn't get my hopes up ......if I can help it! 

Hope you enjoyed (or at least read) this rambling post! I should actually be practicing piano right now, but I'd rather do this :P


Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm Back! // New Experiences

As you can see, I'm back! It was a wonderful vacation, and I will share photos with ya'll when I can use the laptop (that way I can re-size them, I don't think the program is on this computer). We had fairly good weather, in spite of the predictions of a week of rain; and Dad and us kids spent a lot of time in the water (it was in the 60s the whole time, lol).

Tomorrow I begin Running Start, Washington state's community college program for high-schoolers. I'll be taking Pre-calculus, Spanish 1, and English 101. I'm kinda excited, kinda nervous, and kinda not-really-thinking-about-it. My friends Caitlin and Kyrie are each in one of my classes, so that'll be nice. My best friend Olivia didn't make it into the program, but it worked out well for her because now she can be on her church's worship team! This is going to be so different after being homeschooled all of my life, but I'm sure it'll all work out perfectly, everything always does. Even so, it'd be great if you'd pray for me. :)

My dad has been teaching me to drive the stick-shift so that I can drive that to the college, therefore Mom can have the other car. It's been going pretty well, I only killed the engine three times in traffic today, and I didn't slip when starting on a hill, so overall I think I'll be fine driving it tomorrow (I hope :P).

I'll be applying for a job as a beginning ski instructor up at Mission Ridge (our local ski mountain) pretty soon (aka. I just have to send it in). Last year I was a cadet, which was like training to become a teacher, and then I took (and passed!) the PSIA, which certified me as a Level 1 ski teacher. I have no doubt that I'll be hired, they always need more people, and I'm certified, so I just have to go through the whole process of applying and interviewing. ;)

Next Sunday I'm going to audition for LST's Christmas play; It's a Wonderful Life. Of course, auditioning isn't a new experience for me, but it's just more upcoming stuff in my life, so I'm including it. :P There's a very good chance that I won't get in, 'cause the only role I could fit into is the bank lady, and she's supposed to appear at least 20. Seeing that I played a 14-year-old this summer, I'm not sure that I fit that look, but it doesn't hurt to try. I certainly won't be devastated if I don't get in.

Well, I think that's enough for now. I have no idea what my schedule will be like once college starts, so I can't tell you what my posting will be like, just don't expect much. :)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Dramatic Bit O' Random Writing

"Gen, I need to talk to you" I could hardly keep my voice from shaking, and hoped Gen couldn't see how anxious I truly was. Curiously, she followed me into the small bedroom that was mine, her sharp blue eyes quickly scanning the room and noting the suitcase on my hard bed. Though she remained silent, waiting for me to speak, I knew that inwardly she was overflowing with questions.
"Gen, do you remember everything I've taught you? All of the instructions for keeping house?"
"Yes, of course" she replied.
"Most importantly, do you remember what I told you to do in case of an emergency?"
"You mean if there's a fire, or if Elliot breaks his leg?"
"Well, yes, there's that. But I'm talking about the other thing."
Her eyes grew wide in wonder. "The one I was never to speak of?"
I hurriedly put my finger to my lips,
"Shh, shh, yes, that one. Do you remember everything I told you, all about the passage and the house?"  I whispered, looking hard at her.
Trying to decipher my cryptic looks and queries, she replied slowly, "Yes; but why?"
I swallowed hard, " Because, there is a good chance you'll be needing that information soon."
"What? But, but why? I mean, if anything happens you'll be here to help me, right?" She faltered, and I could see she realized the truth.
"I'm sorry, Gen."
"You're leaving us" she stated flatly.
"I have to go. I can't explain, it's - complicated, and - and" I hesitated, my heart aching for her.
Her eyes accused me "You're leaving us" she repeated.
I sighed, "Yes, Gen, I am."
"Why? Why would you do this to us? And just when it was all starting to work out well, just when we were all so happy, in spite of everything else, and now this? Oh, Kate!" Though irate, she kept quiet, so as not to disturb the others.
"Gen, please," I pleaded, "You can't understand right now, but it's for the best."
"For the best?" "How can you leaving us be for the best? It'll just leave us hurt once more!" Anger now resided in her eyes, those beautiful blue eyes, as bright as the sky, and as deep as the sea, and I suddenly thought that I might never see them again.
"Gen, I'm so, so sorry.  I love you so much, I love all of you more than you know; and I don't want you to be hurt again, truly. However I must go." I looked at her, trying to memorize every feature of her face, her short brown hair, her sweet freckles, her rebellious little mouth. In spite of her rage, she listened to my reasoning, and quieted a bit. "How can this be more important than us?"
"It is important because it is you. It is all about you, and completely involves you." I replied, "I can't tell you any more than that, it's too dangerous. That's why I need you to stay strong for the others, and always remember the plan." I reached out and brushed her wild bangs off of her forehead, and behind her ear. "You will do this for me, won't you?"
She exhaled shakily, "Yes, of course I will. But, oh Kate!" Bursting into tears, she wrapped her arms around me and squeezed so hard it hurt. I didn't care. I hugged her back, and let the tears out that I had been holding back ever since the morning. We stood there, hugging and crying for what seemed like forever, letting everything go and just loving each other. I wished that it would never end. Finally, she loosened her hold and just looked at me, her eyes red, and a few spare tears running down her cheeks.
"Oh Kate" she whispered; and in those two words there was so much meaning.
"I love you" I whispered back, smiling through my tears.

Okay, that was by far the most dramatic thing I've ever written, I even cried a little (crazy, right?!) while imagining it out. Hope you enjoyed this little bit of random writing!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yes, Another Vacation

Okay, I know I just left ya'll, but today we're going to the Oregon Coast with our good friends the G's! They have three kids: Connor, 15 (on Sunday); Claire, 13; and Cate, 11. I spend most of my time with the girls, but we also all play together a lot! We have gone to Arch Cape with them for a week 7 years in a row!! Whoa! My point is, I may not post at all, I may post every day, I don't really know. However, you can be sure that when we return, I will have waaay more pictures to show ya'll than you'll ever want to see! :P

10-4, over and out!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Prayer Requests

As I get older, it just seems like there are more and more people in my life that need prayer. So many people that seemed okay, but are actually struggling. If you have a minute, please pray for one of these people:

  - My cousin Nick. He is in college and is quite Godless. According to my aunt and grandma he's not doing well.

  - My friend's dad. He is having problems right now that I don't think I should talk about. Pray for him and his family.

  - My friend Celena. She isn't a Christian, and she lives far away, so I don't know what's up with her, but I'm sure she could use prayer.

"The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective."
                                         - John 5:16

Thank you :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013



Like little stars,

Twinkling in the back your mind.

Sometimes they are very bright,
And sometimes you can only see them
out of the corner of your eye.

Often, the harder you look, the harder they are to see
But they are there all the same.


~ written a few months ago by Christina

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stuffs :)

Hello my friends! Sorry my posts didn't post :( I will look into that. The trip was sooo fun (but super hard)! We hiked 6 1/2 miles into a basin, where we camped alone! (Okay, there was one other guy there, but he was far away and we couldn't even see him, so he doesn't count). The next day we hiked 2 miles up to a glacier, which we also hiked; we gained about 1500 feet in elevation in that hike! It was so tough and awesome, but I'll tell you more in a couple days when I get the pictures up. :) 

In the meantime, here are some fun, random heart pics for you to enjoy. <3

~ Christina

Sunday, September 8, 2013

By The Way....

We are going backpacking for two nights, so the Monday and Tuesday posts will be scheduled. This will be our first family backpacking trip, I'm so excited!! The only other time I've been backpacking was three years ago, when I went with my friend and her family (it was sooo fun!!), so I can't wait to do it with my family! My dad and Will are the only others in our fam who have done it before, so this is totally new. :)

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share with ya'll when I get back! Oh, and I wanted to thank everyone for following and commenting, it means a lot!

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy

Back Cover: The Scarlet Pimpernel is considered one of the greatest adventure novels of all time. It is the first in a series of stories about Percy Blakeney, an Englishman in France during the French Revolution's Reign of Terror, who lives a double life as an English aristocrat and a swashbuckling masked rescuer of French aristocrats from the guillotine. The Scarlet Pimpernel is the classic tale of action and adventure that literally invented the genre of the masked avenger.

My Thoughts: I love this book. It is the most exciting, suspenseful, breathtaking book I have ever read; one of many books that once I started it, I couldn't put it down. Spoiler (in white): A few chapters in, you begin to see things more from Lady Marguerite Blakeney's view, that her husband once loved her, but is now an indifferent fool, and the life of the party. When he leaves suddenly, she feels even more that he doesn't care for her, until she finds a ring with a scarlet pimpernel on it in his room, and begins to realize that his outward attitude is only a coverup for his daring life as the infamous Scarlet Pimpernel. She sets out to find him, enlisting one of his dearest and most trusted friends, a member of the band of the Scarlet Pimpernel, to help her. They travel to France, avoiding the wickedly plotting Chauvelin, and trying to save both Sir Percy Blakeney, and Marguerite's brother.

It is a wonderfully plotted and very well written tale of adventure, romance, and narrow escapes. I highly recommend this for anyone high school age or older.

Excerpt: "A cart,. . ." he shouted breathlessly, even before he had reached the gates.
   "What cart?" asked Bibot, roughly.
   "Driven by an old hag. . . . A covered cart. . ."
   "There were a dozen. . ."
   "An old hag who said her son had the plague?"
   "Yes. . ."
   "You have not let them go?"
   "Morbleu!" said Bibot, whose purple cheeks had suddenly become white with fear.
   "The cart contained the ci-devant Comtesse de Tourney and her two children, all of them traitors and condemned to death."
   "And their driver?" muttered Bibot, as a superstitious shudder ran down his spine.
   "Sacre tommere," said the captain, "but it is feared that it was that accursed Englishman himself - the Scarlet Pimpernel."

Bad Content: D--- is used a fair amount of times near the end.

Prequels: The Laughing Cavalier by Baroness Emmuska Orczy and The First Sir Percy by Baroness Emmuska Orczy.  Even though these are prequels, I read The Scarlet Pimpernel first, and would recommend reading them in that order. 

Sequels: There are several sequels, some of which I have read. However, I didn't like most of them as well as the first three, they get a little repetitive. If you are interested, you can find the full list of books (several of which you can read online) at the site Blakeney Manor

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Music is so awesome. Just think about it. It's just a bunch of sounds doing different things, working together to make a whole. And not just that, but music also speaks to us. Music conveys so much emotion. Y'know, we use music so much, every culture has some sort of music. Even movies would be way less interesting without music. Kinda fun to think about....

Here are some songs for you all to enjoy. :)

Love Does - Brandon Heath

You Lead - Jamie Grace

I'm Alive - Peter Furler

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Idlewild - Chapter 3

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer...okay, on with the story. :)

Slowly, Alice turned the door knob and the little group tiptoed into the house; Nora stifling giggles. Closing the door softly behind them, Eliza noticed that there was a curious carving on the door, a sort of flower with scrolls about it. It was strangely familiar, but she couldn't think about it just then because Alice was beckoning her up a narrow flight of stairs. "Servants staircase," thought Eliza. "We're just like characters in a book, sneaking up the back stairs...oh I do hope no one catches us!"
In spite of her fears, Eliza was quite excited, for she was in the spirit of a great adventure about to happen. Sneaking about was splendid, especially with the only danger being servants. She looked about her. They had reached the top of the stairs, and were now in a spacious hallway with paintings on the walls. Against one wall was a small table ornamented with a heavily embroidered cloth. Sitting on the table were a vase with dried flowers, a small oriental bowl, and a picture frame containing a photograph. It was a young man and woman on what appeared to be their wedding day.
"That's Mum and Daddy at their wedding." Explained Nora, noticing Eliza's interest.
"They look very happy. Where is your mum now?" Eliza had heard only of their father, and was growing quite curious, as well she might.
"She's in heaven." Alice replied sorrowfully, looking at Nora, who added,
"Yes, Dod tooked her away, and now Daddy is sad."
"Oh, I'm so sorry." said Cass softly, secretly wishing that she could just pick up Nora and hug her tight.
For a moment the girls stood there thoughtfully, neither Cass nor Eliza wishing to break the silence. Suddenly, Nora gave a little jump and said "Oh! We're stupposed to take you to Daddy! Tum this way." And with that she marched off importantly in the direction of the end of the hall, the rest of the party close behind. Reaching the very last door in the hallway, Nora knocked softly, "Come in." said a man's voice.
"Daddy, it's Alice an' me!" Nora announced, opening the door, "Oh, an' our friends fum the garden" she added, causing Eliza to smile at being called a friend so soon.
"Your friends from the garden?" He asked, bewildered; then rose as Cass and Eliza entered the room.
"Yes," Alice explained "we were walking to the far end when we saw them standing by the fountain. They wanted to know how to get out, so we brought them to you."
Surprisingly calm, he said, "I see. Alice, Nora, will you please leave us for a moment?"
Though curious, the girls obeyed their father and shut the door behind them. Eliza could hear their chatter fade away as they walked back down the hall, and she wondered what their father would say, and what she should tell him.
Clearing his throat, he motioned for the two girls to sit, and asked, "So, my daughters found you two in my garden?"
Eliza shuffled her feet and glanced at Cass merely to find the latter staring nervously at her. Clearing her throat she said,
"Yes sir. You see, we're not quite sure what happened and, and -" she hesitated, not daring to look at his face, "Oh bother! You wouldn't believe us if we told you!"
"What reason have I to disbelieve you?"
"Well -" she faltered, "If you were the one telling me, I wouldn't believe you!" She looked up desperately and was surprised to find him looking at her very kindly.
"Why not?"
Eliza was rather taken aback. "Well, it's too - too fantastic!" She stammered
"Suppose you tell me what happened?"
Cass took a deep breath, "Well, it's worth a shot. You want to tell him," she asked Eliza, "or should I?"
"Go ahead." agreed Eliza, only too happy to rid herself of the awkward duty.
"You see, sir," began Cass, "Eliza and I live in a small town, Eberton, Washington. This morning, or maybe it wasn't this morning, I don't know. Anyway, we went to our library..." As Cass talked, Eliza had a chance to view her surroundings. The room itself was small. In front of her was a large wooden desk with papers and other small items scattered over it. Behind the desk, at the very back of the room was a bookshelf full of books. Eliza wondered vaguely what type of books it held in its great depths. Hung on the wall to her right was a large world map, and on her left there was a window viewing from the front of the house. Sitting on the bookshelf, in front of the books, were several small knick-knacks, souvenirs from distant countries, perhaps. Eliza felt herself strangely attracted to this room, maybe because it held a sense of travel, mystery, and a story to be written; she couldn't say. However, she had a feeling that much more would occur before the two of them saw home once more.
Glancing at the man, she noted that he was listening intently, as though he understood, and she wondered what he could tell them about their strange experience. As she pondered all of this, Cass finished her story, saying, "and then the girls brought us to see you, and here we are now!"
"I see," he said again, then proceeded. "I suppose you would like to know the truth behind all of this mystery?"
Both girls nodded vigorously, and Eliza said, "Oh, yes, please sir!"
"Very good. But I haven't offered you anything to drink! Would you like some tea?"
Cass looked at Eliza, then said, "Sure. I mean, yes please!"
He smiled kindly, then rang a small bell, causing a maid to stick her head in the room.
"You rang, sir?"
"Yes, Tilly. Would you be so kind as to bring up tea for these young ladies and I?"
Obviously a little startled by seeing complete strangers in the room, and two young girls at that, it took her a moment to respond. "Oh, yes sir, right away!" She exclaimed, then shut the door quickly behind her.
"Very well then, shall we begin?" And with that he leaned back in his chair, and began.

So, what did you think? Please let me know! I could give a lot of disclaimers, but I'm just gonna let you say your say. :P

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pinterest Post - Reading

sitting in your bedroom,
relaxing on the beach,
lying in a meadow,
your mind beyond reach

standing at a window,
reposing in the morn,
waiting in a busy street,
thoughts gone afar

though you be but sitting,
you are battling hard,
sailing the high seas,
saving those in harm

 laughing and crying,
feeling joy and pain,
wishing it would come out right,
though sorry when it ends

this little thing,
you hold in your hands,
some call it but a book,
black ink on white paper,

but you and I,
we know the truth,
it is so much more than that,
it is a thing of true magic,

a portal to another land,
a time machine, if you will,
but no matter what you call it,
it will go deeper still.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mish-Mash Post...

Greetings, Faithful Followers!  (or not so faithful in some cases...) Remember that contest that I posted about here? Well, my second entry is in and it would be awesome if ya'll would once again vote for me!! And, a huge thank-you to everyone who voted for me last round! In order to vote, you must go here and comment saying that you are voting! If you don't say that you're voting in your comment, it won't count. :P

So...on Saturday we went to my dad's cousin's wedding. Complicated, right? She's my cousin once removed. Nope, that's still complicated. was pretty good. We got to see our cousin Anna (sister to the cousin Jake who came when our grandparents were babysitting, see this post), our second cousins Anneliese, Luke, and Julia; and a bunch of people that we don't know.

None of them (or very, very few) are Christians, so of course the service was interesting. It was held outside, at my great-aunt and uncle's lake property (it's also where they live); and it was a beautiful day. The ceremony started with the "preacher guy" (he got his license online :P) saying "Mawwiage is what bwings us togethah today" and so on. It was funny, but kinda sad. Then they did the whole ceremony, including the bride's brother and his wife (we went to their wedding last August, and it was even stranger) singing some song, and her dad reading a strange...reading. Oh, and at the end, the "preacher guy" sang that whole "by the power invested in me by such-and-such" except that he said some website instead of such-and-such. Yeah, it was strange.

Then it was a "Mai-Tai" hour for the adults, so us kids (me, my bros, and our cousins) just kinda stood around the appetizers with our parents and ate and talked. Then we ate dinner. We had assigned seats, and it ended up that all of the kids were at a table together, me, my three brothers, our two cousins, our three second-cousins, and four of the groom's nieces and nephews. It was...interesting. I sat at a corner, next to Jake and one of the unknown girls. Her name was Legacy and she acted as if "she was the president of the table" as Anna said. (Anna is 18 and very nice and awesome) Well, I chatted with Legacy (isn't that a cool name? I'm glad it's not mine, though) a bit, 'cause she didn't really know anyone except her younger cousins. I found that she is 13, very short, and looks far too old because of her fancy hair and make-up. After dinner she was "sooo bored!!" (read it in a whiny I'msomuchmorematurethaneveryoneelse voice). She ended up using the lighters that someone (Great-uncle John) left on the kid-table to set her wooden utensils on fire. She also had to keep telling me that she was "soo bored! She wouldn't normally do anything like this, that's how bored she is,etc." Anyway, I felt bad for her, 'cause she's so strange, and she has a broken family.

Then they cut the cake (it was pineapple upside-down cake, or something like that), I thought it tasted like banana bread. After more standing around, they started playing the music louder, and people danced. My grandma had had a little too much to drink (just a little, mind you) so her dancing was pretty amusing. My grandpa finally got me to dance with him, which was kinda fun and kinda weird. We stuck around for a little while, but then left to go to my grandma's house. Overall it was an interesting/fun/strange experience.

If you read all of that, you are amazing. 'Nuff said.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

In August...

I baked...
 - chocolate zucchini cake
 - chocolate cookies with mint chips
 - frosted sugar cookies

I read...
 - Little Dorrit (still in progress)

I watched...
 - The Avengers
 - Chicken Run
 - Monsters University
 - Monsters Inc.
 - The Incredibles
 - Iron Man

I reached...
 - 25 followers on this blog (10 more in a month!!)
 - 40 followers on Simply Dollightful
 - 86 sales in my Etsy shop, Daisy Chains

I also...
 - performed Sound of Music 6 times
 - went to a wedding