Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Dramatic Bit O' Random Writing

"Gen, I need to talk to you" I could hardly keep my voice from shaking, and hoped Gen couldn't see how anxious I truly was. Curiously, she followed me into the small bedroom that was mine, her sharp blue eyes quickly scanning the room and noting the suitcase on my hard bed. Though she remained silent, waiting for me to speak, I knew that inwardly she was overflowing with questions.
"Gen, do you remember everything I've taught you? All of the instructions for keeping house?"
"Yes, of course" she replied.
"Most importantly, do you remember what I told you to do in case of an emergency?"
"You mean if there's a fire, or if Elliot breaks his leg?"
"Well, yes, there's that. But I'm talking about the other thing."
Her eyes grew wide in wonder. "The one I was never to speak of?"
I hurriedly put my finger to my lips,
"Shh, shh, yes, that one. Do you remember everything I told you, all about the passage and the house?"  I whispered, looking hard at her.
Trying to decipher my cryptic looks and queries, she replied slowly, "Yes; but why?"
I swallowed hard, " Because, there is a good chance you'll be needing that information soon."
"What? But, but why? I mean, if anything happens you'll be here to help me, right?" She faltered, and I could see she realized the truth.
"I'm sorry, Gen."
"You're leaving us" she stated flatly.
"I have to go. I can't explain, it's - complicated, and - and" I hesitated, my heart aching for her.
Her eyes accused me "You're leaving us" she repeated.
I sighed, "Yes, Gen, I am."
"Why? Why would you do this to us? And just when it was all starting to work out well, just when we were all so happy, in spite of everything else, and now this? Oh, Kate!" Though irate, she kept quiet, so as not to disturb the others.
"Gen, please," I pleaded, "You can't understand right now, but it's for the best."
"For the best?" "How can you leaving us be for the best? It'll just leave us hurt once more!" Anger now resided in her eyes, those beautiful blue eyes, as bright as the sky, and as deep as the sea, and I suddenly thought that I might never see them again.
"Gen, I'm so, so sorry.  I love you so much, I love all of you more than you know; and I don't want you to be hurt again, truly. However I must go." I looked at her, trying to memorize every feature of her face, her short brown hair, her sweet freckles, her rebellious little mouth. In spite of her rage, she listened to my reasoning, and quieted a bit. "How can this be more important than us?"
"It is important because it is you. It is all about you, and completely involves you." I replied, "I can't tell you any more than that, it's too dangerous. That's why I need you to stay strong for the others, and always remember the plan." I reached out and brushed her wild bangs off of her forehead, and behind her ear. "You will do this for me, won't you?"
She exhaled shakily, "Yes, of course I will. But, oh Kate!" Bursting into tears, she wrapped her arms around me and squeezed so hard it hurt. I didn't care. I hugged her back, and let the tears out that I had been holding back ever since the morning. We stood there, hugging and crying for what seemed like forever, letting everything go and just loving each other. I wished that it would never end. Finally, she loosened her hold and just looked at me, her eyes red, and a few spare tears running down her cheeks.
"Oh Kate" she whispered; and in those two words there was so much meaning.
"I love you" I whispered back, smiling through my tears.

Okay, that was by far the most dramatic thing I've ever written, I even cried a little (crazy, right?!) while imagining it out. Hope you enjoyed this little bit of random writing!


  1. I awarded you the Liebter Award on my blog!


  2. That was amazing! You are such a wonderful writer. I was feeling great emotion while reading this. Great job! :)



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