Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hello people!
It's so cool to have all of you followers. :)

My first two days of college went pretty well. I got 100% on my first English assignment, so that's good.
We haven't had to turn anything in for Pre-cal yet. Or for Spanish. 

Yesterday something crazy happened. When I got to the college, all of the parking lots were full, so I drove around, looking for a spot, but I was running out of time. Then I saw a car parked along the street and thought "I could do that" so I did. When I came back there was a ticket on my windshield. It turns out I had parked in the bike lane and was fined $124. Ugh.

 But! Today we got a call from my summer employer who said that I never deposited one of my checks. Guess how much the check was for. Guess. 
Okay, it was $125. So....it's as if I never had to pay anything!!

Oh, here's a picture of me the first day of college with one capri leg higher than the other 'cause I rolled them up so they're kinda snug. Yep, that's me; awkwardly holding my heavy backpack in one hand. :)
 This was just before I tried to get out of the driveway, heard the car making weird noises (it's the stick-shift, so I'm not used to it), stopped it, and then couldn't start it again. Talk about a lousy start. (see what I did there?) My mom got it to work with her "mom magic" that somehow all moms have for finding things and getting things to work. 

RANDOM: I'm kinda excited 'cause I just found out that LST is doing Fiddler on The Roof next summer!! That would be an awesome musical to be in! I'd love to be one of the girls, but I musn't get my hopes up ......if I can help it! 

Hope you enjoyed (or at least read) this rambling post! I should actually be practicing piano right now, but I'd rather do this :P



  1. haha... this post was so fun to read :) I hope you are enjoying college!

    1. Thanks! I think I'll like it more once I get into the swing of it :)

  2. Ha!ha! Great post =) You look so beautiful in that picture! Glad you are having a good time at college so far!

    1. (: Thanks! Aw *shrugs shoulders and giggles*, thanks.


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