Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mish-Mash Post...

Greetings, Faithful Followers!  (or not so faithful in some cases...) Remember that contest that I posted about here? Well, my second entry is in and it would be awesome if ya'll would once again vote for me!! And, a huge thank-you to everyone who voted for me last round! In order to vote, you must go here and comment saying that you are voting! If you don't say that you're voting in your comment, it won't count. :P

So...on Saturday we went to my dad's cousin's wedding. Complicated, right? She's my cousin once removed. Nope, that's still complicated. Anyway...it was pretty good. We got to see our cousin Anna (sister to the cousin Jake who came when our grandparents were babysitting, see this post), our second cousins Anneliese, Luke, and Julia; and a bunch of people that we don't know.

None of them (or very, very few) are Christians, so of course the service was interesting. It was held outside, at my great-aunt and uncle's lake property (it's also where they live); and it was a beautiful day. The ceremony started with the "preacher guy" (he got his license online :P) saying "Mawwiage is what bwings us togethah today" and so on. It was funny, but kinda sad. Then they did the whole ceremony, including the bride's brother and his wife (we went to their wedding last August, and it was even stranger) singing some song, and her dad reading a strange...reading. Oh, and at the end, the "preacher guy" sang that whole "by the power invested in me by such-and-such" except that he said some website instead of such-and-such. Yeah, it was strange.

Then it was a "Mai-Tai" hour for the adults, so us kids (me, my bros, and our cousins) just kinda stood around the appetizers with our parents and ate and talked. Then we ate dinner. We had assigned seats, and it ended up that all of the kids were at a table together, me, my three brothers, our two cousins, our three second-cousins, and four of the groom's nieces and nephews. It was...interesting. I sat at a corner, next to Jake and one of the unknown girls. Her name was Legacy and she acted as if "she was the president of the table" as Anna said. (Anna is 18 and very nice and awesome) Well, I chatted with Legacy (isn't that a cool name? I'm glad it's not mine, though) a bit, 'cause she didn't really know anyone except her younger cousins. I found that she is 13, very short, and looks far too old because of her fancy hair and make-up. After dinner she was "sooo bored!!" (read it in a whiny I'msomuchmorematurethaneveryoneelse voice). She ended up using the lighters that someone (Great-uncle John) left on the kid-table to set her wooden utensils on fire. She also had to keep telling me that she was "soo bored! She wouldn't normally do anything like this, that's how bored she is,etc." Anyway, I felt bad for her, 'cause she's so strange, and she has a broken family.

Then they cut the cake (it was pineapple upside-down cake, or something like that), I thought it tasted like banana bread. After more standing around, they started playing the music louder, and people danced. My grandma had had a little too much to drink (just a little, mind you) so her dancing was pretty amusing. My grandpa finally got me to dance with him, which was kinda fun and kinda weird. We stuck around for a little while, but then left to go to my grandma's house. Overall it was an interesting/fun/strange experience.

If you read all of that, you are amazing. 'Nuff said.


  1. Wow! Seems interesting... very interesting :) and fun!


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