Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pinterest Post - Reading

sitting in your bedroom,
relaxing on the beach,
lying in a meadow,
your mind beyond reach

standing at a window,
reposing in the morn,
waiting in a busy street,
thoughts gone afar

though you be but sitting,
you are battling hard,
sailing the high seas,
saving those in harm

 laughing and crying,
feeling joy and pain,
wishing it would come out right,
though sorry when it ends

this little thing,
you hold in your hands,
some call it but a book,
black ink on white paper,

but you and I,
we know the truth,
it is so much more than that,
it is a thing of true magic,

a portal to another land,
a time machine, if you will,
but no matter what you call it,
it will go deeper still.


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