Friday, September 27, 2013

Simply Surviving

   She walked the same route every day, keeping to herself and avoiding eye contact as she slipped through the busy city streets. Worrying was needless, for everyone around her was doing the same thing. Rarely did two pairs of eyes meet and two sets of lips murmur a meaningless greeting. Even if it did happen, no one else noticed. They were all too busy. They each had enough trouble of their own.

    Perhaps that was just the problem. Maybe if they shared their troubles, lifted their heads, slowed down and smiled a little; maybe everything would be a little easier; just maybe. But it was only a thought; and no one there would ever consider allowing their minds to wander so far from what was widely considered reality.

   They all simply continued on with their lives; though not truly simply, but complicated, twisted, messy things their lives were; but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered but that they survive; that they keep on trying to reach their dreams, to attain happiness, while ignoring those about them. Empty happiness: forever just beyond their grasp; a happiness that included no one but themselves.

   It had always been this way, and probably always would be. Everyone else accepted it, why shouldn't she?  Even so, she wondered.

~ a melancholy bit written by Christina a month ago


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