Saturday, October 5, 2013

Beach Pictures - Part 1

I finally got around to editing some half of the pictures from our beach trip!! I took over 400 photos, so I tried to limit the amount that I'm posting. :)
It was super foggy/misty the first day. 

Cate, Claire, and I walked down to the other end of the beach to collect shells. We are usually a lot closer to this end, but we rented a house in a different area so it was quite a walk!

We didn't end up finding as many shells as we have in the past. I think I found about 7.

Dad bought a couple of skimboards, one for us and one for him; and he went out and tried it every day! This is a picture from the first day, when he wasn't very good at it yet.

Claire, me, and Cate.

The awesome Thomas. 

And....that's Joe XD

And Mandie.

This is Will doing the Crane from The Karate Kid. 

About 5 years ago we dug a house out of sand, and have wanted to do it again but never got to it. Joe and Claire are sitting on the couch, and Conner and Cate are sitting on chairs :) The thing in the middle is supposed to be a coffee table. 


Every single year we take a walk all the way down the beaches until we feel like going back; and every single time when we reach this waterfall thing us kids climb up to it and walk along the stream. 

A big pool by an old walkway covered in barnacles and mussels. 

Claire posing for me :)

More beach

Hope that wasn't too much for you, 'cause I've got more to share! 


  1. Awesome pictures! :) It looks so pretty there! :)

  2. Cool post! :) It looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Oh my word! These are amazing photos! Like... I wish I could pin them on pinterest. :D Loved this, Christina. <3 :)

  4. Hmmm... That beach looks familiar for some reason!
    Awesome pictures, Christina!


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