Saturday, October 19, 2013


you probably thought that I was going to post something inspirational.
And I am.
You see, there have been some blog posts in the last few months that I just love.
They inspire and encourage me every time that I read them.
So I thought some of you might like them too!
Even if you've read them before they are still fun to go back to. :)

Let's String a Thousand Lights
I absolutely love the last four lines in this post.
Anna is a wonderfully gifted writer.

You Are Yourself
This is so true.
Follow this blog.

Lessons in History
Britt is one of the most encouraging people I have ever met.
Read all of her posts.

I honestly cannot tell why I love this post.
There's just something about it...

This is a little piece by my bestie, Olivia.
I love the things that she writes.

Okay, that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed, and be sure to follow all of the above blogs!

P. S. Thank you for 30 followers!
P.P.S. Here's something that I've been wondering ever since I began blogging:
Why do people say that they love you/your blog but then they don't follow?
Just curious :)


  1. Aww thanks Christina! You are so encouraging to me also =D love you!

    1. You're very, very welcome! Thanks! Love you too :)


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