Thursday, October 3, 2013

"It doesn't matter"

       "You're an ooovercomaaaaar!" I awoke drowsily  to the sound of Mandisa's newest hit, Overcomer. As I lay in my bed, listening to the radio, I gradually came to the realization that I had that sinking feeling that you get in your stomach when you fail a test, or do something really stupid. I thought back to the day before; it had been a pretty stressful day. I had had a lot of homework, doll dresses that needed to be sewn, a piano to practice, and an audition to go to. Because of all that, I had left homework for the morning; this morning, as a matter of fact. Homework in the morning was normal, except for the fact that I had more to do than usual, meaning that I probably wouldn't finish. Also, I hadn't felt like my audition went very well, at least, not the best it could have gone; and I was still uncertain that getting into the play would be the best thing for me with my homework load.
        Sighing, I turned over to get more comfortable and checked the time. It was only 6:38. I had only been awake for eight minutes and already had a huge weight on my shoulders; a weight that could have been avoided. That knowledge only made it worse. Irritated, I shifted my position once more, now facing the wall.
        Then I noticed something. The light that shone on my wall from between my curtains was pink. I blinked, then looked once more; it was still pink. Throwing my covers off, I clambered out of bed and ran over to my window, dodging the clothes and other random items scattered over my floor. On opening my curtains, I looked into the sky. The sun had not yet risen, yet the light that came from it caused the mass of clouds in the center of the sky to be pink. A lovely, warm pink that faded into a joyous orange in the west.
        Looking out on the houses and backyards that composed my view, I saw that everything was beautiful; and new. I giggled with joy, then laughed silently, feeling the beautiful release of the sorrows of the night before. "Thank you, God," I whispered, "It doesn't matter".
true story from Monday by Christina

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