Thursday, October 24, 2013


Your heart is like that locket - cold and hard on the outside, 
difficult to get into, and locked up inside are all your dreams and the little things you treasure that you hide.

People will love you for who you are. You can't love a metal case, but you can love what's inside.

You think that, like that locket, if you hole everything up inside, wind and rain can't get at it. 
That nothing can ruin your fantasy.
 But even age ruins the inside of the locket, the photos yellow and fade, 
and so will your loves and dreams if you don't let them out.

Open the locket. Let your dreams live.

a bit o' randomness written by Christina
featured here by the amazing Olivia


  1. Beautiful post Christina! so wonderfully written =)

  2. This is beautiful and amazing, and what else? I don't know. Could you just not be such an awesome writer? ;) (jk, keep it up, you're really good!)

    1. Oh, thank you! Hehe, wow thanks :D. Aw, that means a lot :)


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