Sunday, October 27, 2013

Snippets of My Life

I saw a chicken cross the road. For real. Our neighbors have chickens that they let out during the day (we do too) and one of them crossed the road when I turned out of the driveway. And you know why it crossed the road?? To get to the other side! Go figure!

I was working on an essay for English class when my dad came into the Office and told me to come into the living room because he had a family announcement to make. Like the good daughter that I am, I dutifully followed him into the living room, where everyone else (Mom, Will, Thomas, and Joe) was assembled on the couch. I looked at them, they looked at me and I joined them. Dad went into the garage, and we all sat there speculating on what it could be that he needed to tell us, and that he needed to go into the garage for. No one had any feasible ideas. The door started to open, and we heard a muffled voice say "I've wanted to tell you this for a while..." then he stepped into the room wearing an Iron Man mask and said "I am Iron Man." We were dying. It was so funny. 

I have costuming, photo, and rehearsal today!! As a bonus, I get to spend a little time at Sophie's house in between! :)

If you like dolls (or just want a pair of mini TOMS, they're super cute) check out my giveaway on Simply Dollightful

My brain is overflowing with story inspiration. However, I don't have any time for that :(

I am going to be a ski instructor this year! I had my interview on Wednesday (it was supposed to be on Tuesday, but I completely forgot and missed it. :P She let me come on Wednesday, though :)). Olivia (my bestie) is going to be a snowboard instructor, so we'll be up there at the same time!

Well, I gotta go to rehearsal!

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