Saturday, October 26, 2013

'Sup! // The Digital Age

It's Saturday, Peoples!!
*does happy dance*
(well, if I actually did happy dances :P)

I'm just sitting here rocking out to Symphony of Grace by The Digital Age.
It's pretty awesome :D

Have you heard The Digital Age?
How about The David Crowder Band?
Well, DCB broke up a few years ago when their main singer (David Crowder, incidentally) moved to Georgia (they're in Texas) and their violinist moved on (he's with some ministry now).
Anyway, the four guys left formed a new band.
Hence, The Digital Age.

Their first album, Evening Morning, came out a few months ago.
People, it is awesome.
Check it out on iTunes (or anywhere else you can do that kind of stuff :P)

We went to their concert two weeks ago yesterday.
I forgot to post about it. :P
Okay, so it's now been about half an hour since I started this post, and I couldn't get the pictures off of the iPad onto the laptop, so I'm just going to link to Will's ultimate fan detailed post.

We call Will the ultimate fan because he, well, he is! 
Okay, so he has their album, the vinyl, the pre-order shirt and two other shirts.
He posts the most on Bwack's Forum, he follow them on Twitter, and Youtube, and probably other places.

He was also in their Captured music video for about one second. :) 

We got to do the meet and greet beforehand, 
We actually got to talk to each and every one of them!!
And I got their album signed for Olivia :)

Will was smiling so hard the entire time.
Well, so was I.
I was, as they say "grinning like an idiot"
In all seriousness, I could not stop.
It was just so cool!

Oh, and if you haven't seen their Rockumentarys, then you have not fully experienced life.
The first ones are with the entire DCB, but then they move on to TDA.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this ramble :)
And don't forget to check out Will's blog, Where There's a Will.

Over and out!


  1. Awesome! :) Oh, wow, I didn't even know they broke up lol that's kind of sad. :/ So who's Will? Just wondering... >>

    By the way, thanks a billion for your loveliest comments ever on my blogs. <3

    1. Thanks! Haha, yeah I know :P Oh, he's my brother!

      You're welcome a billion! I love your blogs!


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