Friday, November 8, 2013

A Happy Post

Hi guys,
I'm happy right now.
Why, you may ask?

After school I went to get frozen yogurt with Kara and Kyrie, two of my newer friends.
Well, I've kind of known Kyrie for a long time, but we're more friends now than before. :)
It was super fun; we talked about books, movies, funerals (yes, funerals) etc.
It's fun 'cause even though we don't all like the same stuff (they don't like Charles Dickens, at all)
None of us care. We each appreciate the others' opinions.

*singing* I have a three day weekend! I have a three day weekend! (Jack Sparrow anyone?)
First time in my life that I've gotten Veteran's day off of school!

My mind is brimming with story ideas. 
Even though I don't really have time to write them down, it's still fun :)

Side Note: remember Idlewild? That story I kind of started in the summer? Well, I haven't written any more. The next part is going to take up too much brain energy for me to just scribble it down while lying in bed.
Seriously, that's how I wrote the other parts.
Anyway, I don't know when/if I'll write more.
Hopefully someday....;)

The amazing comments that I've been getting. 
Thanks everyone :)

So, how are you doing? Got any plans for the weekend? 
Have an awesome weekend!
P.S. Please pray for Anna's family!


  1. Okay, so, (this is being whispered quietly) I'm not a big Charles Dickens fan either...I don't dislike his works but they just aren't my thing. So I was glad to read that you were still friends with those other girls, even though they don't like him, 'cause it made me think that maybe we could still be friends?! ;)
    Bottom line is: I'm glad you're happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I love being happy. It's the truth. I mean, shucks, who doesn't? :)

    1. You don't--*cough*--like--*sputter*--Charles Dickens?? That's serious, very serious. Tsk tsk. Nah, I don't care ;) I mean, it's awesome when other people love the same books, but you passed that test comments ago. That is to say, of course we can be friends!! You are so awesome!!
      Aw thanks, I know, it's the most splendid ever!
      (Best comment ever!)

    2. Hehe...well, I'm glad we still are. ;) And thank you, likewise. It is awesome to know people who love and read the same books! :) C.D....I've only read Oliver Twist and I'm more-than-half-way-through-and-have-been-so-for-about-a-year-with David Copperfield (I may have read more of C.D. but I don't remember). Do you have a favorite book of his? I'm thinking maybe there are others of his that I'd like better. ;) It's just they all seem so depressing!

      Yes, splendid is the word exactly. :)

    3. Oliver Twist, ah's a pity that so many people begin with OT. I'd say it's the most morbid if them all. (I read it in 4th grade :P). I liked David Copperfield, but the last third is the best. Great Expectations was quite depressing...oh! Pickwick Papers was very lighthearted but long. It's very funny but you need lots of patience to read it :). I didn't find Little Dorrit to be depressing--it actually had a fairly happy ending, but it could possibly be called depressing depending on how you look at it, the way CD presents society is definitely dreary. I think my fave is Little Dorrit, but Pickwick Papers is by far the most lighthearted.
      If you don't care for any of them I won't care, I know they can be quite long and depressing ;)

    4. I forgot about the Pickwick Papers, I'm in the middle of reading it and I do like it. :) I'm actually in the middle of reading a number of books so I kinda forget about some of them for a while.... Okay, so Little Dorrit - I'll see if we have it!
      Haha, okay. :) We do both like a lot of other books anyway! ;)

    5. Awesome! Oh yeah, I know what you mean; I am constantly tempted to start another book while in the middle of one...*sigh* so many books, so little time. ;)

  2. Ahhh that sounds awesome!! As great as friends who love the same things as you are, its also lovely to have friends who are different. You can learn so much from them.
    I'm going to be completely honest.... I haven't actually read any of Charles Dickens' work... not that I know of, at least. :/ Haha. But then again, you haven't read The Hunger Games, so we're equal :P
    Ooh, whats your story about? :)
    Hope xx

    1. Yes, exactly!!
      Haha, that's okay, I won't judge you--much. No, I'm just kidding, I don't expect people to have read CD, it's just cool when they have. ;)
      Haha, true, I haven't!
      It's about two girls who discover a magical book that takes them either back in time or to a different world, (I haven't decided yet, but I'm leaning towards back in time). If you want to read it so far just go to the " my writing" tab. ;) I know that I reall should have figured out what I was gonna write before I wrote it, but I wasn't even going to write any more than the beginning except that everyone was so encouraging and I was having fun :)


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