Wednesday, November 20, 2013


there are days when you think you're "doing it right"
when you think you understand
what it takes to be a Christian
when you think you know
how to fully trust God
when you think
that you are living in love

but the very next day
your heart aches with worry
you are rude to your family
you "fail at life"
you wonder what you did
to lose your glorious place
and what you didn't do
to make you feel so low

soon you must realize
that there are no answers
there is no formula
to getting it all right
there is no way to fix your life
for once and for all
you always will be struggling
so why worry so much?

there is no need to worry
to hurt yourself with trying
to hate yourself for doing wrong
to search for all the answers
just live and try to trust him
to love him and to serve him
he knows what you are facing
and he's ready to help

there's nothing wrong with struggling
with worrying and wondering
with trying to do better
but remember that he knows
he understands and loves
and in him the truth is found
that it doesn't matter if it's hard
we simply can't give up

there are no answers
we are free to struggle


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