Friday, November 1, 2013

In October...

I baked...
 - carrot cake (it was soooo good!)

I read...
 - Little Dorrit (I finished!! I finally finished!!)
 - Les Miserable (I began it)

I watched...
 - Ice Age
 - Kung-Fu Panda 2
 - Hookwinked (for at least the 7th time. I'm not kidding)

I reached...
 - 33 followers on Idlewild
 - 54 followers on Simply Dollightful
 - 111 sales in my Etsy shop

I also...
 - got into It's a Wonderful Life
 - interviewed for a job as a ski instructor
 - got the sweetest comments from this darling blogger
 - and this awesome girl

Thanks so much, everyone :)
You guys are awesome


  1. Carrot Cake!!! :D YUM.
    Aww, shucks, really?! You're so sweet Christina! All your comments to me are just so nice! You're so sweet!

  2. haha Hoodwinked... that movie is too funny.... :D

    Oh, that is so simply sweet! YOU are a darling. <3

    1. You've seen it? Awesome! I know!

  3. Ahhhh I love this post!! XD
    And oh. my. gosh. Hoodwinked!!! :D Love that film so bad!!! After the first time I watched it, I think I watched it 8 times in one week?? Hahah It was crazy. Everyone wanted to know about the film I was raving about :P Its so good though!!
    Mmmmm Carrot cake <3 Love it so much :)

    1. Thanks!!
      I know!! It's hilarious! That's awesome!
      Oh, yes, it's sooo good!


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