Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Little Kids // A Tidbit of My Life

Isn't this girl gorgeous?

For the past few months I've been volunteering in our church nursery once a month. I usually only get three kids in there (we have a fairly small church, and several moms keep their babies with them). However, last Sunday five kids came in, three of which weren't my "regulars". In addition to the two "regular" toddlers I had a baby and two more toddlers. The baby was very easy (he just sat in one of those circular play things with all the toys around the edges). Lexi is a little difficult because she wants everything for herself, but Gabe and Luke are fairly easy.

Anyway, this story is really about Sam. She came in with her mom, who wanted to ease her into being in the nursery by staying with her for a little while. Finally, her mom was ready to leave, and she set her down and said goodbye. Sam was pretty sad and would have gone after her mom except that I picked her up (yes, she did struggle). She was crying pretty hard and I tried all the usual things, y'know, reassuring her that her mom will be back, trying to distract her, etc.

When nothing worked (not that I really expected those things to, but it's worth a shot, right?), I decided to sing. Of course, because I was in a nursery, the only thing I could think of was Jesus Loves Me. I carried her around in slow circles, bouncing her and singing, and, wonder of wonders, she quieted down! It was so sweet! She actually got quieter, where she was still crying, but not loudly. Eventually, I sat down with her and she kept crying softly on my shoulder. When Luke brought a book over for me to read, she looked and listened, and I would catch her stealing glances at me with her her big grey eyes. A moment after I looked at her, she would turn away.

She continued to cry for a while, but she eventually stopped and started playing with some toys. She was a real sweetie. I hope she comes back!

Well, I hope this wasn't too long for ya'll! I considered shortening it, but y'know :)
Thanks for reading!
Christina                                                                                   Photo via Pinterest


  1. Aww! :) I love working the in nursery. :)

    1. Yeah :) So do I, little kids are so fun :)

  2. Too sweet! I ADORE little ones, my best friend and I work in the nursery at our (fairly large) church almost every Wednesday, there's like 15 or more kids there every week, we watch them for an hour before their class starts. It gets absolutely insane, but I still love it SO much, the kids can be SO stinking sweet <3


    1. Aw, that's awesome! That would be crazy, but so much fun!

  3. That's so cute! I love working with little kids, they're my specialty :)

  4. 2 cute! Did you take that pic? Your blog is really cool! :)


    1. I know! No, I took it from Pinterest; isn't it lovely?! Thank you!


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