Saturday, November 16, 2013

Little L-'s

Last night we watched "little kid videos"
which is what we call the old recordings of us when we were little.
There are several things that the "little us" said that are frequently quoted in our house.
I thought they might interest y'all (and maybe even cause a chuckle?)
In no particular order...

"I've always wanted one of these!"
 - Young Christina - used after receiving a present.

"They're yucky!" pause, then whispers, "I like yucky these"
 - Young Joe - after asked how his chicken nuggets tasted.

"Hey Dad, remember that thing I used to put cheese in?"
 - Young Will - random question, but pronounced Dad as "Day-ad"

"If you ever ask me, bang bang bang!"
- Young Christina - hoping that Will will let her hit his pinata.

"Dad, you know!"
- Young Thomas - after Dad asked him how old he was

"I like to play with chains"
- Young Thomas - chains pronounced "chay-ns"

"Camera this!"
- Young Christina - trying to get Dad to video her

There are probably plenty more, but I can't think of them at the moment :)
Hope you enjoyed!


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