Friday, November 22, 2013

Love to Win

"See you on Monday!" I waved to my friends and began the short trek to my car. It had been a good day. I'd gotten 100% on my math test, and Spanish and English were going well.
To my left was a green lawn on which the college softball team was warming up. There were several girls stretching and chattering. I passed them nearly every day after school and I always watched them as I walked by, fond memories arising of my past time in softball. 
As I turned away, I heard a different voice begin to talk to the girls and looked back. It appeared to be their coach. Far off as she was, I could just hear her say,
"You have to love winning more than you fear losing,"
Immediately, I began to mentally pick apart what she had said. What did that really mean? I had always been skeptical of anyone else's little phrases, especially when there's a good possibility that they don't share my worldview. I nearly dismissed it from my mind when it struck me: as a Christian, we need to love winning more than we fear losing. 
We need to be more excited to do what is right than to fear "sticking out like a sore thumb."
We need to let our love for God overtake our fear of the world.
We need focus on what is winning in God's eyes, even if it means losing in the world's. 

"You need to love winning more than you fear losing"


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