Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shrek//Busy Week Ahead

I like centering my posts :)

Last night we went to the high school's production of Shrek: The Musical.
It was okay.
The acting was great, but the story was lame.

Every year, the high school puts on a musical, and every other year it is a district musical, which means that kids of all ages are included. I knew a fair amount of kids in the cast, so that was fun!
There were two girls from our co-op (one of which was teen Fiona!), Marnie from church, Allie and Devan from piano lessons, Grace (she was my sister in Sound of Music!), and Alex, a girl that I've known for a while from various places. Alex played Fiona, which was really neat!
The best parts were Fiona in the tower and Lord Farquaad.

They had three Fiona's, child, teen, and adult. (though of course, the "adult Fiona" was played by a high-schooler). 
They showed each one in the tower singing (they had awesome voices!) and then all three of them singing together. That part was really cool!

And then Lord Farquaad.
Of course, he's supposed to be super short, so the actor was on his knees wearing a costume that had legs connected to his thighs, so his walking was hilarious!!
He was very funny.

The actor for Shrek was good. He was actually an adult.

The donkey was okay.
He was trying to talk like a black guy like in the movie, but it was hard to understand him.
He talked kind of fast and mushy.

Of course, there was plenty of crude humor, which is lame.
So overall it was okay.
Good acting, poor scripting.

Anyway, I'm going to have a super busy week this week, so I may not post that much. 
I have rehearsals, preparation for piano recital, and a research paper to write.
Ugh. Research.
I'm researching chocolate by the way. :)
Have a great Sunday!



  2. I've heard about The Shrek musicals!

  3. Chocolate? Yummy research report :)
    I'm doing mine on a missionary!

  4. The play sounds like fun! :) Even if the story isn't so great it must have been fun to see people you know acting! :)

    Ohhhh...chocolate! You're really researching it? Maybe you'll learn to make it, that would be awesome! :) Maybe you could tell us a bit about what you learn about it - every girl loves chocolate! :D

    1. Yes!

      I really am! Oh, that would be so cool! I know, chocolate is the best!


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