Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Gammage Cup by Carol Kendall

Back Cover: The Minnipins have lost their past.
     Long ago, the hero Gammage led them in war against the horrible Hairless Ones. But now--
Bravery? Forgotten. Courage? No more. Heroes? The stuff of storybooks.
     Yet sometimes heroes turn up when they are least expected. . . .

     Muggles, Gummy the poet, and Walter the Earl are not like the other Minnnipins. They dress differently, speak their minds, and--when Walter the Earl finds a package of old scrolls and swords--dare to disagree with with the Minnipin leaders. For their troubles, they are banished from their village.
     But Walter the Earl found the weapons for a reason: The Hairless Ones have returned. And this time there is no Gammage to protect the Minnipins. This time there are only Muggles and her friends, outlaws who must rescue the very people who have cast them out.

My Thoughts: I have read this book 3 times and love it every single time. It is so fun, and funny, and exciting. Actually, there are several parts that remind me of LOTR, not the writing style, but the story, but at the same time it doesn't feel like a rip-off of LOTR.
    The story is set in the fictional village of Slipper on the Water in the Land Between the Mountains. The Minnipins are folk of tradition, they never do anything out of the ordinary. Everyone wears green cloaks and paints their doors green. Except for "Them." Gummy writes "scribbles" that aren't proper poems, Curley Green paints "blobs" that aren't proper paintings, and Walter the Earl is always studying history.
     Muggles isn't exactly one of "Them", but she sometimes wears a orange sash instead of the typical green. People say that she is "simple" and forgive her for being occasionally influenced by "them."
     However, when Muggles sees fires on the mountains, Walter the Earl finds a stash of old documents and armor, and Gummy confesses to having a home near the mountains, Muggles knows that something is happening.
     I love this book. It is very well written and a lovely story. Muggles is very relatable character and all of "Them" are lovely characters as well. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy sort of stories with a hint of LOTR and Wizard of Oz.

Plus: It has a map! I love maps in books!
Bad Content: None!

Age Range: It says ages 8 and up, but I didn't read it until 7th grade and I still love it!

Sequel: The Whisper of Glocken. I've never read it, but it's on my list!


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