Monday, December 23, 2013

and so it ends...

Hello everyone!!
Sorry I left you for so long :)

We went on a ski vacation in Canada for a few days, and I was busy with the play.

Speaking of which, yesterday was the last performance!
It has been soo fun! 
I'm sorry it's over, but I'm ready to move on. :)

Here's some pictures that I got:

Sophie and me before the show. I'm in my graduation dance costume and she's in her Martini/musician costume. 

My mom and me after the show. I'm in my Miss Andrews costume which was very smart and business-y.

It was a wonderful experience and I'm sorry it's over, but it's rather nice to be done, too. :)

My grandparents on my dad's side came and saw the play yesterday and then came to our house for a delicious spaghetti dinner and presents!
My parents and them went together and bought me a serger which I am super excited about!!
In case some of you don't know, a serger is a sewing machine that makes those nice edges inside of clothes so that they don't fray. It's also really good for sewing stretchy fabrics!
I spent this morning learning how to use it and I can't wait to start doing some real sewing on it!

I hope you all are having a lovely holiday!!


  1. aah, you are *ahem* so gorgeous! ◕-◕

    1. Oh, thank you!! Makeup sure helps, though ;)

    2. but it doesn't lessen the inner glow you have in the least :D

  2. ^^^ Totally agree! Sounds like you are having an amazing holiday! <3 :)


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