Friday, December 27, 2013

It'll be Another 363 Days 'Til it Comes Again

*singing* "It happens in a blink, it happens in a flash, it happens in the time it took to look back"
I hope you guys got that song reference 'cause if you didn't, well.... :P
(I just like this picture. It makes me happy)
I had a pretty good Christmas!
My dad (he's an anesthesiologist) had to work, so he wasn't home in the morning or the afternoon.
No crackling fire, no running down the stairs and ripping open stockings, no shouting "Merry Christmas!"
But he came home around 11:00, so we opened everything then because we knew he'd probably have to go back.
Sure enough, not long after an amazingly delicious lunch of Toad-in-The-Hole and Lemon Bubble-ring he was called in.
But our grandparents came in the afternoon, so that helped to distract from the fact that Dad was gone. :)

For Christmas I got:
serger (!!!)
green and grey plaid button-down shirt
grey and white infinity scarf
$140 (in all)
lego minifigure (from Thomas)
Laddie by Gene Straton-Porter (thanks for the idea, S.W.! I love it!)
pajamas (Christmas Eve)

Yesterday we went to my cousin's house and had a little Christmas party.
We did a White Elephant afterwards and I got this really strange book that I tried reading and really didn't like, so I left it there but felt bad about it afterwards and wish I hadn't :P
(it was called Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and was rather creepy, paranormal, and made me feel dirty.)
Thanks for reading!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!


  1. That picture really is pretty. The lights and the face that the future is blurry ! I look in to things too much I think. Anyway. Sorry to hear about your Dad having to work. My friends Dad did too and she said it was difficult without him. Sounds like you have a good Christmas though !
    I am going to do a post about my New Years resolutions on Bew years eve. Maybe you could check it out ? Perhaps subscribe if you like my blog !? *Puts on hopeful face :)*

    Eb x

    1. I think so too! Haha, I do the same thing :)
      Yeah, it was a bummer, but it was still fun!
      Cool! I will!

  2. I'm sorry your dad had work, but I hope you took hold of the time you had together on Christmas. :}
    You got some very nice things! Sounds like you had a very blessed holiday. :)


    1. Oh yes, we did! And it was a lot of fun :)
      I did! Thank you!

  3. My dad had to work Christmas Eve. Nice presents! I got running clothes, a wall clock, a new duvet, pillowcases, and a lot of food. There was probably other stuff but I forget. Very pretty photo! That book makes me uncomfortable too.:)

    (If you don't mind, could we swap buttons? I have yours up on my Awesome People page.)

    1. That's too bad. Thanks! That's awesome! Yeah, I would never recommend it ;)

      Sure, thanks!


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