Sunday, December 29, 2013

Laddie: A True Blue Story

Wow, this book was so good. Thank you so much, SW, for letting me know about this book!! I loved it, and stayed up late each night reading it! 

"I never heard a turkey buzzard sing. Laddie said they couldn't; but that didn't prove it. He said half the members of our church couldn't sing, but they did; and when all of them were going at the tops of their voices, it was just grand. So maybe the turkey buzzard could sing if it wanted to."  

"He says it is all rot about 'finishing' your education. You never do. You learn more important things each day, and by the time you are old enough to die, you have almost enough sense to know how to live comfortably. Pity, isn't it?" 

"Father said, with her face it didn't make any difference what she wore, and mother said that was just like a man; it made all the difference in the world what a girl wore. Father said maybe it did to the girl, and other women; what he meant was that it made none to a man. Mother said the chief aim and end of a girl's life was not wrapped up in a man; and father said maybe not with some girls, but it would be with Shelley; she was too pretty to escape." 

"Mother says the reason gossip is so dreadful is because it is always guesswork."

"Mother and I stood beside the hitching rack and looked after him, with our arms tight around each other while we tried to see which one could bawl the hardest." 

"'Father, when you pray for something that it's all perfectly right for you to have, does God come down from heaven and do it himself, or does he send a man like Laddie to do it for him?'
Father hugged me tight, smiling the happiest.
'Why, you have the whole thing right there in a nutshell, Little Sister,' he said. 'You see, it's like this: the Book tells us most distinctly that 'God is love.' Now it was love that sent Laddie to bind himself for a long, tedious job, to give Leon his horse, wasn't it?'
'Of course!' I said. 'He wouldn't have been likely to do it if he hated him. It was love, of course!'
'Then it was God,' said father, 'because 'God is love.' They are one and the same thing.'"


It was a wonderful, lovely book, and I highly recommend it to all of my followers!!


  1. That book sounds really awesome. *Adds it to my To-Be-Read list*

  2. Wow, it sounds wonderful. :) I love it... "God is love." Thanks for sharing, Christina!
    Tane ♥


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