Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas--What?!!!

Haha, strange title, right?
Well, I've just been feeling like Christmas really snuck up on me this year.
I mean, I know that it always feels like that
but this year I've been so busy that I didn't get to get excited!

Y'know, lay in bed with the red and green Christmas lights shining through my curtain
and get myself all excited about Christmas and everything that goes with it
and think about all the awesome stuff that happened to me that year
(and push back the stupid memories that come along for the ride...) ;)

I have to set aside time for getting excited??
I don't even have enough time to clean my room
(it's rather messy coughcoughasinterrifyingobstaclecoursedeathtrapcoughcough...yeah...)

I went up to Mission Ridge today (the ski mountain here) to get some more training in.
The instructor that I worked with was surprised that I wasn't going to work many days this week (just two)
and I was just kinda like, "weeeell, I've been rather absent lately...and I for one would like to actually spend time at home, doing whatever I want to. (aka sitting around, playing word games, reading Will's comic books, coughcoughnotpracticingpianocoughcough, and the like...)"

No, I didn't actually say that.
That's just what I was like. :)

Ya' see what I'm sayin'?

We saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Friday.
It was not pretty.
I mean, I knew that they were going to change a bunch of stuff
he cut out nearly all my favorite parts!!!! D':
that was dreadful.

I daresay it was a good movie in itself.
Gandalf didn't bring the dwarves in two-by-two to Beorn's house...
Bilbo was caught by the spiders...
The elves didn't have parties in the woods that they kept trying to go to...
Bombur didn't fall into a deep sleep...
The ring had LOTR power over Bilbo so he didn't keep it on much...
The necromancer was a huge, boring part....
The elves and orcs chased the dwarves waaaay down the river...
Orcs chased the party the whole way....
Kili, Fili, and a few others were left behind in Laketown...
The dwarves made a huge statue out of melted gold that somehow stayed together for a little while...
and did I mention that Kili and Tauriel FELL IN LOVE??

Does anyone else out there feel my pain????
I barely enjoyed the movie because I was constantly being disappointed or confused...
I mean, there were very few funny parts, too!
And the book is soooo good and clever!!

Why, Peter Jackson, why???
Anyway, you can see I have rather strong feelings about this movie.
But don't try to talk me out of it.
I'm not in the mood. :)

Well, I hope you at least somewhat enjoyed this ranty post.
Have a wonderful Christmas!!


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    1. Yes, I did! Haha, well, thank you. I in turn respect yours; like I said, it was probably a good movie, it was just kind of a let down. Yeah, and I didn't feel TOO bad about the Tauriel Kili thing when I remembered that Tolkien himself made a human and an elf fall in love. :)

  2. I know right! Christmas came wayyy too fast this year


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