Thursday, January 9, 2014


Me as a 4-year-old ;)

I'm seventeen.
Maybe I think this every year but...
seventeen sounds so old!!!
Like, it's almost an adult.

I've had a good day,
as you know if you read yesterday's post, we're waiting 'til Sunday to celebrate, but it's been good!
I got a card from Kendall that implied that I'm a nerd.
She likes to call me a nerd, it's really funny, she just does, and I think it's hilarious, so it's all good. :)
I also got a card from Caroline, a girl who's in Spanish with me. :)
And then Olga, a lady who works with my dad, brought me tulips!

Even though we're not celebrating today,
my mom is making a dinner that I've been requesting for a while:
curried rice and red cabbage "stuff" (I don't know what the cabbage thing is called, but it's good!).

I haven't really been working on my story.
I wish I was.
But I'm not.
I like my idea probably someday I'll write more. :)

I finally wrote a letter to Cate and Claire, my friends whose family we go to the beach with every year.
I haven't written one since before September, so it was really nice to actually do that. :)

Well, gotta go eat my delicious dinner!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Buncha' Randomness!

I'm so excited!
It's snowing!!!!
Not the beautiful big flakes that build up well, but it's snow!!

Today is my last day of being 16.
That's right!
Tomorrow's my birthday!
Wow, I can't believe it.
17 sounds so old, haha!

Guess what I bought myself for my birthday, guess!
You probably didn't guess it right (if you even guessed, that is) because it's not very 16-year-old-ish.
I bought a new doll!
I'm really excited.
I've wanted one for a while but I didn't feel right buying one because I'm so old, but I finally did it.
She's so pretty, I can't wait till she comes!

On Saturday I'm going to Olivia's house to watch Jane Eyre and eat delicious snacks!
Then on Sunday we're going to celebrate my birthday! (my family, that is)
I'm excited about that too :)

I think that's all for now.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In 2013...

*I wrote this last night*

Guys, guys, guys!!!
Okay, okay, I'm calm, I'm calm...



Wow oh wow,
So, so, so much has happened this year.
Like, I don't even know....

Alright, this situation calls for a list!


I read for the first time...
  - Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott
  - Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens
  - Laddie: A True Blue Story by Gene Stratton-Porter

I watched for the first time... (in random order)
  - Pride and Prejudice (2005)
  - Emma
  - Despicable Me 2
  - National Treasure
  - The Avengers
  - Captain America: The First Avenger
  - Iron Man
  - Thor
  - Iron Man 2
  - Iron Man 3
  - Thor 2
  - The Book Thief
  - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  - Man of Steel
  - Monsters University
  - Ice Age
  - Kung Fu Panda 2
  - Oz the Great and Powerful

I started...
  - My Etsy shop, Daisy Chains
  - This blog, Idlewild
  - My doll blog, Simply Dollightful
  - Running Start
  - Teaching at Mission Ridge (ski mountain)

I went to...
  - Schweitzer, Idaho (ski mountain)
  - California (camping)
  - Arch Cape, Oregon (beach)
  - Spider Meadows, Washington (camping)
  - Apex, Canada (skiing)

I also...
  - Played Lousia in The Sound of Music
  - Played Miss Andrews in It's a Wonderful Life

Guys, this has been such a huge year.
I started blogging, I started my Etsy shop, and I got into Sound of Music, which has been one of my goals for three years.
I began Running Start and made straight A's.
It's been a great year.

Thank you all so much!
I have been loving reading everyone's posts and comments.

I'd like to especially thank Anna, who inspired me to write my stories; 
SW, who reads good, wholesome books; 
and Brittney, who has encouraged me in my faith.
You three are so kind and I'm very grateful for your friendship :)

Of course, the rest of you are awesome too, but I wanted to mention them specifically ;)

Well, have a wonderful year! I'll try to post more now that Christmas break is over, but I can't make any promises.....

Bye now!