Bucket List

This is a list made up of things I actually want to accomplish and things I dream of doing:

get into a play  - September 2012
write a short story
read the Bible every day for a month
make a cheesecake
get 50 followers on this blog
play the part of Jo in Little Women
act in a movie
rescue a doll and give it away
improve my singing
start a magazine for Christian teen girls
run a mile without stopping
write in a journal every day for a month
get into The Sound of Music  - March 2013
win a photo contest
go to England/Scotland
start a blog for the story my friends and I are writing
make a dress out of knit fabric

I got this idea from Anna, a girl with three awesome story blogs.


  1. Aww, thanks:) Love your bucket list! :)

  2. Just wanted to say, you've been really encouraging to me lately. Thank you. <3


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